The Copy Hackers eBooks will teach you the formulas and hacks to writing effective copy. That's why almost every chapter in every Copy Hackers ebook ends with a The complete set of 4 ebooks is valued at $ – but, with the 4-book bundle, you. What do small bizzes and startups really think about Copy Hackers ebooks? Check out @copyhackers Reading your bundle, great stuff in there already.

Copy Hackers Ebook Bundle

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Get your hands on The Only Web Copywriting Guides Written Exclusively to Improve Your Sales. Copy Hackers ebooks are bite-sized guides created for small. Get this actionable, popular ebook series that will teach you how to compel more visitors to happily hand over their credit card numbers – without trickery. Copy Hackers eBook Bundle - 4 short eBooks that will change the way you write for ONLY $18!!!.

How much is one more customer worth to you? Get this bundle now and start writing copy that actually converts. Now you can write copy that converts even if you're not a writer The Copy Hackers eBooks will teach you the formulas and hacks to writing effective copy.

When I first started writing headlines and copy, it was boring stuff like: Check out these cool eBooks Learning just got fun! Sold Out. TL;DR Book 1: Where Stellar Messages Come From.

Book 5: Writing Long-Form Sales Pages. Book 6: The Great Value Proposition Test. Book 7: The Startup Guide to Differentiation.

All books come in PDF and. Book 1: Please sign in to ask a question or leave a review. Highest Rated Reviews. Most Helpful Questions. Scroll to Top. Sign Up All our deals are time-sensitive! Make sure you don't miss any of our awesome limited-time offers.

Never Miss a Deal. Now you can write copy that converts even if you're not a writer. Ingredient 2: Back to the shoe store analogy. Where is the store located?

What is their selection like? How late are they open? How knowledgeable are the sales staff and how much help can you expect when you arrive? And how are the prices? Ingredient 3: You likely already know plenty about incentives e. It Should Help!

Upon entering the store, you wander over to the wall of great-looking shoes, but you notice there are no prices displayed, and the shoe sizes are nowhere to be found. And after 45 minutes of trial and error, you finally select a suitable pair of court shoes, only to learn that the debit and credit machine is down.

The scenario above may seem like a stretch, but this stuff happens all the time — especially on the Web. Effective site design and copy can work wonders to reduce friction for your visitors, but you need to know what to look for and how to eliminate it.

"Copy Hackers" eBook Bundle - only $27!

Now imagine that the horrific in-store experience I described earlier was actually very pleasant, devoid of any friction, and that you thoroughly enjoyed the store and the staff.

In the online world, your copy can have a huge positive impact on the anxiety of your site visitors. Why did we focus on start-ups? Because they need to convert every visitor possible in order to get traction and funding. Written by professional copywriter and conversion expert Joanna Wiebe , Copy Hackers includes worksheets that will spark your thinking and get you started immediately on the path to higher conversion. BOOK 2: BOOK 3: BOOK 4: Learn… and Then Act.

Now you can write copy that converts even if you're not a writer

At no more than 55 pages per ebook, Copy Hackers teaches specific topics with tons of illustrations and examples! But for Google searchers only, you can instantly save on all 4 ebooks. Book 1: Book 2: Book 3: Book 4: No tax.

No shipping obviously. Full money-back guarantee. Instant download. Pay with PayPal or credit card. All that good stuff.

The headline formulas alone are worth the cost of a whole copywriting course. Every page is filled with info I plan to use right away. She not only focuses on the how, but also on why certain techniques work. This is amazing stuff. If you ask for your money back, it comes straight out of my pocket.

After all, these ebooks are the product of nearly a decade of hands-on web writing expertise… and conversion consulting expertise. All the power-packed, conversion-boosting knowledge can be yours today.

With massive savings to boot! This offer may end without notice, so please act now to protect your instant savings on the entire Copy Hackers ebook bundle books 1 — 4. CONTENT How to write an epic blog post How to write a mass-appeal blog post How to write funny content How to make your writing sound good How to keep readers reading Blog post formula for authority building How to write an ultimate guide Getting creative with conversion copy.

The Clarity Sweep Sweep 2: The Believability Sweeps Sweep 5: The Specificity Sweep Sweep 6: The Heightened Emotion Sweep Sweep 7: The Zero Risk Sweep.

75 Resources for Writing Incredible Copy that Converts

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And after 45 minutes of trial and error, you finally select a suitable pair of court shoes, only to learn that the debit and credit machine is down. Copy Hackers. And it will help people both understand why none of your other posts have comments… and recognize that you are becoming a popular blog. Let your site be the lead generator… and let real live people close the sale. Where Stellar Messages Come From.

It is your job to give your returning visitors the messages they need to see earlier on than a first-time visitor might. When should I use numerals vs written-out numbers? Read more about Joanna.

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