MyPublisher's BookMaker is a free photo album maker with a twist: You use it to create, organize, and edit your photo album, and then order online one of several printed photobook options at various prices, which are custom-printed and shipped to you. The choices range from. Q&A: MyPublisher is Closed – Where Should I Print My Photo Books? .. photo book maker so Shutterfly's software might work great for you. Earlier this week MyPublisher sent an email to its registered users announcing the company would be closing on May 8, Just as soon as.

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Save Up to 50% OFF when creating photo books. Preserve your favorite memories in a beautifully designed photo book. Save time with our Make My Book service. Download MyPublisher BookMaker - Create albums with pictures from your computer, edit images, adjust the layout, add text and send a. Book Creator sits atop my list of the best educational apps. I've used Book Creator Case study: Putting publishing into the hands of students. Jane Ross. My.

Made by you. Turn your ideas into professional-quality books, magazines, or ebooks. Get Started. Photo Books. Trade Books. From for 24 pages. Share and sell ebooks.

Adobe InDesign Plug-In.

Already using Adobe InDesign? Our plug-in lets you upload your project to Blurb without ever leaving InDesign.

Adobe Lightroom. Organizing your photos in Adobe Lightroom? Now you can easily import your photos into your next book. PDF to Book. Have a project ready to go in PDF format? Use our specifications calculator to fine-tune your PDF to any book size. Layflat Photo Books Get the high-end look of seamless spreads by choosing Layflat as your paper type.

Starts at for 20 pages.

Learn More. As some of you may have been following, I had promised to follow up by making a photo book with Shutterfly to see how close I could get to the specs of my former MyPublisher books.

So, here we are! Every one has their own preferences when making photo books. Note that this order was for a quantity of two books, so divide the cost in half for an apples to apples comparison. MyPublisher is the first photo book company I tried back in The latter was only a few dollar upcharge so that was a no brainer for me.

I would also choose the matte cover and standard end sheets which were included in the price.

A number of commenters mourned the loss of the beloved free extra pages deal. Yes, that deal was probably the best deal MyPublisher would offer to readers and one that I often requested from my contacts at MyPublisher for our Photobookgirl. I had never seen Shutterfly offer the same deal, and I even wrote about that in my February FAQ post, but lo and behold this past July, Shutterfly offered the free extra pages on their site and of course I had to jump on it!

That means whatever codes you can get your hands on, you should try them all and see what happens. Keep trying different combinations until you get the lowest price. I usually get at least two codes to work on every order and lots of folks have said the same. Below is a screenshot from the order for this book:. Shutterfly breaks down its options differently so some things which were included with MyPublisher are add-ons in Shutterfly. So even with 10 extra pages and the dust jacket, the Shutterfly book was cheaper.

The base price before discounts on the Shutterfly books is considerably higher, but remember to stack those deals when you can. I hope that we see the free extra pages deal come around more often. If I see it you know I will post it on my super duper deals page. If you can stack that with a free photo book credit or Groupon , then you can knock the price down considerably. By the way, you may also note two freebies were also part of my order. I got the freebie coupons from the store — they printed out along with my grocery receipt.

Shutterfly is really good at advertising to its target demographic at various stores where moms shop — grocery, Target, maternity stores etc. I love saving money! Overall both books feel and look very similar although the binding on the MyPublisher book seems bound a little tighter.

When I open the MyPublisher book the binding is so tight, the book cover wants to spring shut, whereas the Shutterfly book lays open.

In each of the photos below, the Shutterfly book is on the top and the MyPublisher book is on the bottom. Does it matter?

Self Publishing Simplified

Perhaps not. As long as the binding holds well and the pages stay bound together neatly, then no. Some may argue that you want the book to lay as flat as possible. Also as you can see in the photos here, the MyPublisher pages when viewed from the side look neater and better aligned whereas the Shutterfly one is not as uniform.

Another detail — with the Shutterfly book the cover photo does not run all the way to the edge. The binding is black, whereas on the MyPublisher book, the cover photo runs all the way to the edge. The paper differs between the two companies but not greatly.

The MyPublisher one is an upgrade, while this paper comes standard with Shutterfly. I honestly had a pretty hard time trying to discern a difference in feel between the two papers — any difference is pretty minimal.

Photo Books

In comparing the Shutterfly paper in this book with an earlier Shutterfly photo book standard paper but not with the standard lay flat binding , the paper has definitely changed.

The current paper feels stiffer and thicker than what Shutterfly used to use. The printed page cannot reproduce the luminosity of our computer screens, but there should still be proper exposure. The color should be true to the original, correctly reproduced and the image should be sharp and clear. Print quality was definitely something that I thought MyPublisher did really well and consistently well too.

I have to say, I was most concerned that Shutterfly would not be able to match MyPublisher in this category, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Side by side my photos printed out very similarly in both books. Sorry about the glare. I took this pics with my iPhone 6. Again Shutterfly is at the top and MyPublisher is at the bottom. If you could I might be more inclined to order them. But if you like them this is what they look like. I also like FotoFusion cause I have the ability to add shadows to make elements or photos stand out more, as well as the option to have photos with rounded corners rather than square corners.

These things are not crucial, but for me, they would be features I would miss because of my particular design style. For more about FotoFusion see my post updated as of I went into the FotoFusion program and I entered new page dimensions so the layouts would work in the smaller sized Shutterfly book.

With one click, it automatically resized all my layouts from the non-standard 8. If you also like to use your own software and are looking for specs for the page sizes, Shutterfly has a page on its site with actual dimensions of its photo books so you can plug them into your own design software. So far no problems. I can try to find an old book to compare.

The measurements are not significantly different.

As a side note for some folks who were dismayed that their new books would not look uniform on their bookshelves along side their old MyPublisher books — well because they are both 8. They look the same size from the front! I found both to be limiting in their own ways. It has vastly improved since I started making books with them over a decade ago. So of course I would have to figure out a replacement going forward.

MyPublisher happened to be my go-to for my vacation photo books however. I was surprised to see how close the two books were to each other. Find all current Shutterfly deals here.

For another option, if you would be willing to download your own software then that opens up a whole world of possibilities. If keeping your photo book designs is important to you, then I really think having your own software is crucial.

I hope this post will help answer some of those questions you may have had. The post above contains affiliate links. If you click from my site and make a download, I may receive a referral fee. As always I give my honest opinion on these products regardless of affiliation. Wow, thank you so much for the review!! I am bummed about the dust jacket inside lack of personalization, though. I have to start thinking of alternatives or start writing to Shutterfly and ask them to include that feature!

I had a lot of things on my wish list over the years, and eventually most got added. Have you found an album with the sleekness and look of mu publisher. Thank you!! I was one of the ones anxiously awaiting for a review.

And expecting to be very disappointed with Shutterfly. I may be willing to try it out now though! Thanks for the extensive review.

I will miss MyPublisher very much. I have a few additional questions that maybe you can answer. Did they offer a supergloss option like MyPublisher? I also design my own pages using Photoshop Elements.

Was there an option to upload a two page design so you could design layouts that go across two pages? By the way, thank you for posting the link to their templates.

I called and the agent, even after talking to a manager, said they did not have that information at Shutterfly. It was a very disappointing call. Yes, there is a two page spread layout so you can upload a full spread as a single jpeg.

As seen on...

No problem about the templates — I recalled that you asked in one of the FB posts about that so when I came across it, I made sure to include that in my post.

Glad you found my post helpful!

The paper quality, the printing, the sizing, the cover, nothing is close to my old books from MyPublisher, not to mention the great dust case…. I wonder where could I find the same quality as MyPublisher?? I went to the Shutterfly website and found that they only offer 65 pound paper even in their Premium quality books.

Is this correct.

Photo book makers - experiences? Mpix, MyPublisher

I noticed you said the paper felt the same. Is it in fact the 65 pound paper that feels good or pound paper that is good. Good question. Paper specs can be a bit tricky. Over the years several photo book companies have changed their papers and sometimes changed manufacturers so it can be hard to keep up.

Texture also probably plays a big role as to how a paper feels and performs. In this case Shutterfly states it is using 65 lb. Cover paper is heftier than standard text paper. So, a 65 lb.

I can probably add more of this info up in the post as it clarifies things a bit more. Further, this post about paper and printing in general that I found online can clarify more: I use Costco to do photo books. I used their online easy to use software to create the book.

Maybe my local store needs to get a better sample. I so miss My Publisher, but unfortunately, we have to move on. I loved the lay flat and super gloss printing. I have sent emails to every company I could find, but am still at a loss. Loved your review, and I hope you might have an idea on who we could go with that has the large format, super gloss printing, excellent paper and lay flat binding.Moreover, you can enable double-sided printing and add text to pages.

If I won I would make one last vacation book of our trip to Hawaii over Christmas. The latter was only a few dollar upcharge so that was a no brainer for me. The base price before discounts on the Shutterfly books is considerably higher, but remember to stack those deals when you can. As long as the binding holds well and the pages stay bound together neatly, then no.

Is this correct.

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