Ashes of the Sea FREE Numenera Quickstart Rules and Adventure - An Watermarked PDF Original Numenera Corebook Legacy Co. Original Numenera Corebook Legacy Content - They say there have been eight worlds before ours. Eight times the people of this planet, over. Discovery · Destiny · Awards · Numenera Art; ~~; Get Numenera! Products; ~~; Player Resources. The Amber Monolith: Free Fiction to Set the Stage · Free.

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This is the original Numenera corebook. It is completely compatible with the new corebooks—Numenera Discovery and Numenera Destiny—but the latter are. 0. Routine. 0. Anyone can do this basically every time. 1. Simple. 3. Most people can do this most of the time. 2. Standard. 6. Typical task requiring focus, but. Numenera - Cypher - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Laura Wilkinson. a collection of new cyphers to use in your Numenera riamemamohelp.cfUCTION THE .. Regolamento Blood Bowl ITA.

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Tncs pcc. The user can deactivate one device within short range. Explodes in a patterned flash of multicolored lights and gas in an immediate radius. It lasts up to 28 hours. The screen bears an animate image appropriate to the surrounding area trees and brush in a forest. Disintegration Gel Level: Synth tube containing gel Effect: When applied to a specific substance. The device is similar to a bear trap. For all sentient creatures in the area of effect.

The effect lasts for a number of rounds equal to the cypher level. Hover Disk Level: A metal disk about 2 feet 0. Earring or helmet Usable: When this device is activated. Any liquid contained in the object freezes. He can make attacks. Helping Hand Level: A metallic. This item is cold to the touch.

Numenera Player's Guide [OEF].pdf

When the nodule of this device is detached and connected to any other cypher. The user can stand upon the disk. Within three rounds.

The eye in the sky floats for an hour. The copy is a level 1 creature with minimal intelligence that lasts for up to 28 hours.

After using his action to activate this device. After one end is touched against a creature. This may allow him to see otherwise invisible or hidden targets. During that time. Freeze Inducer Level: Complex device. Extra Time Level: Belt or ring Usable: The user gains up to three extra rounds. The item is activated by being pressed against an object or creature weighing no more than pounds 90 kg.

In a combat situation. Handheld device with a small. Eye in the Sky Level: Before that time. Actions are resolved normally. For every extra action he takes. Handheld device with a screen Effect: For one hour. The helping hand can also make attacks as the user might. Duplicator Occultic Level: A synth cylinder with fine. Ejection Nodule Level: Crystal nodule affixed to a melee weapon Effect: For the next hour. Heat Sensor Level: Pill or injector Wearable: Projects an ephemeral image within long range that looks real.

Although the connection lasts for only one minute. Sometimes message capsules and message detonations go astray in space and deliver their contents to the wrong recipient. Instant Wings Level: Backpack Effect: Image Caster Magnetic Winch Level: Allows one thinking creature to speak telepathically with another. When a second switch is pressed. Mass Nodule Level: Crystal nodule affixed to an object or creature Effect: If attached to an object or unresisting creature.


Magnetic Ink Level: Small container of ink Effect: When used to tattoo flesh. Mental Coupling Level: Headband or glove Usable: The wings last until the wearer lands or for one hour.

When a third switch is pressed. The image looks like the user. Small metal box Effect: The magnet is powerful enough to hold up to 5 pounds 2. The ink can only be applied once. The controller can bid the target creature to do anything it could do normally. Message Detonation Level: A synth cylinder a foot 0. They are usually found together. The user transfers back into her own body 28 hours later.

When the message is complete. When the crystal is touched by another creature. Once addressed. Within the next hours. Each of the pr ior e ight worl d s , i n its own way, i s too d i stant , too d ifferent, too i n comprehens i b le. L ife tod ay is too dangerous to dwe l l on a past that can n ot be u nderstood.

The peop le excavate and study the marve l s of the pr ior epoch s j u st enough to he l p them s u rvive in the wor ld they have been given. They know that energ ies and knowled ge a re s u s pended invi s i b ly i n the a i r, t hat reshaped cont i nents of i ron and g lass-be low, u pon , and above the earth-ho ld vast t reas u res , and that secret doorways to stars and other d i mens ions and rea l m s prov ide power and secrets and death.

They somet imes ca l l it mag ic , and who a re we to say that they' re wrong? More often , however, when they find leftovers of the o ld wor ld s-the devices, the vast mach i ne comp lexes , the a ltered l and scapes , the changes wrought u pon l iv i ng creatu res by anc i en t energ ies , the i nv i s i b l e nano-sp i r its hover ing in the a i r in c loud s ca l l ed the I ron Wind , the i nformat ion tran sm itted i nto the so-ca l l ed d atasphere , and the rem nants of v i s itors from other d i mens ions and a l ien p l anets-they ca l l these t h i ngs the numenera.

I t makes l i fe very d ifferent from any other t ime on Earth. I n a southern part of the vast, s i ngu l a r cont inent of the N i nth World l ies a c l u ster of sett led l ands co l l ectively ca l l ed the Steadfast. Although each of the k ingdoms and pr inc ipa l i t ies of the Steadfast has i t s own ru l e r, a leader known as the Amber Pope gu ides the Order of Truth , an organ izat ion of Aeon Pr iests that commands a great dea l of respect i n the reg ion.

Thus , the Amber Pope i s l i ke ly the most powerfu l ru le r i n the Steadfast even though he does not govern a s i ng le square foot of land. The Order of Truth reveres the peop le of the past and their knowled ge on a quas i re l i g ious l evel of adorat ion and faith. It i s a re l i g ion devoted to sc ience.

He re , Aeon Pr iests st i l l s tudy the secrets of the past, but they do so c lo i stered i n remote c laves. These pr iests do l itt l e more than pay l i p serv ice to the Amber Pope, if that, and a re not cons ide red part of the Order of Truth.

L i ke the reg ions i n wh ich they l ive, and t h e cl aves i n wh ich they work, they are i so lated , i s l a nds u nto themse lves. In the N i nth Wor ld , the resou rces are the n u menera-the detr itus of the pr ior e ras-and the peop le ' s understand i ng of these resou rces i s crude and i ncomp lete. The Aeon Pr iests possess j u st enough d i scern ment and knowledge to suggest poss ib l e uses for th i ngs , but so m uch rema ins to be d i scovered.

Defending Ellomyr and Making a Whole New Book

Even the creatures and p l ants of the N i nth World are strange byprod ucts of the pr ior ages; the past left beh ind flora , fauna , and mach ines , some des igned by lore or natu re , others transp lanted from d i stant stars or d i mens ions. The peop le of the N i nth World c lothe themse lves i n newly spun fabrics but weave the a rt ifacts of the past i nto each garment.

They forge armor, weapons , and too l s from mater i a l s recovered from ancient structu res and devices. Some of these materi a l s a re meta l s , but others a re or appear to be g lass , stone , bone , flesh , or s ub stances that defy categorizat ion and u nderstand i ng. Those who ri s k the myster ious dangers to recover the re l i cs of the past prov ide a va l uab l e service.

Typ ica l ly these b rave sou l s-warr ior g la ives , sc ience-wie ld i n g nanos , and wi ly jacks-bri ng the i r find i ngs to the Aeon Pr iests , who use the a rt ifacts to fash ion too l s , weapons , and other boons for the growing civi l izat ion. Who , then , are the people of the N i nth World? Most are h u mans , a lthough not a l l that ca l l themse lves h u man truly are. There are l i kewise the abhumans : some mutants, crossbreeds , genetica l ly engi neered , and the i r offspr ing.

And then there are the v is itants, who are not native to the earth but who now ca l l t he N i nth World home, and who have no more understand ing of the past even the i r own than anyone e lse.

The te rm i s a lmost a lways used for an item that has an obvious pu rpose-a weapon , a defense , a mode of tran sport, a means of com m u n icat ion or learn i n g new i nformat ion , a means of obta i n i n g food or other necess it ies , and so forth.Suppose to be in Table of Contents, for example.

Yo0 m0stspcndyo0 t0 n conccnt at. Yo0 c catc a comp' cx sccnc of. Wal k Through Wal l s 2 I ntel l ect poi nts. They spoke to the stars, reshaped the creatures of the world, and mastered form and essence. Acna actc can movc an. Wncnyo0 masc an 0na mcd attacs [ s0cnasa p0ncno s. Yo0 s 0mmona no dc ofs ma' ' an. Yo0 0c'. Wncnyo0 cna actc ca' ' ynccdstoaccomp'.

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