The Doctor's Diet: Dr. Travis Stork's STAT Program to Help You Lose Weight The Doctor's Diet and millions of other books are available for site site. learner; at the time of writing this book, Dr. Wisniewski is also pursuing his Masters degree in . in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: PDF Article HERE. This book claims that our food choices are so dangerously unhealthy that The Doctor's Diet plan – what to eat and foods to avoid. General.

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The Doctor's Diet is the cure to unhealthy eating — an American e Recent Questions. hello, how to get free pdf for this book any one got a copy!? plz help :). E.R. physician Dr. Travis Stork shares his prescription for weight loss with information and recipes from his books “The Doctor's Diet" and "The Doctor's Diet . Dr. Travis' Skillet Scramble. Get more healthy and delicious recipes from his new book, "The Doctor's Diet," available in stores now! #birdstreetbooks.

They have great little health and beauty tips based off of real medicine. When I recently saw their episode about Dr. Travis's new diet I went online and bought the book immediately. Every diet is going to be challenging but most of them work. If you follow most diets you will lose weight but at what cost.

Most of them are not healthy and most are not sustainable. Once you get off of the Scroll down to see my progress after one week on The Doctor's Diet! Once you get off of the diet you start to put back on all of the weight and that is the cycle most people have to deal with. This diet stops that cycle. The diet is developed by a doctor and is based on real science. The diet is broken into 3 phases.

See a Problem?

The first phase last 2 weeks. It is called The Stat Plan. It is developed to make you lose a lot of weight fast and break your addiction from sugar.

It basically cuts out a lot of carbs but not all carbs. This is not a carb free diet. They do replace the unhealthy carbs with healthy carbs that come from natural foods. This is how we should be eating anyway so I feel confident that the premise for this diet is medically sound.

You stay on the Stat Plan phase of the diet for 2 weeks. After the initial 2 weeks you start the second phase of the diet called Restore. You are able to have a few more foods that were previously forbidden including an additional serving of grains.

You are also told during this entire diet that you should be including at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. After working this phase of the plan for 2 weeks you have a choice to make. Either you have more weight to lose and need to go back on the Stat Plan for an additional 2 weeks and start the cycle over or you have reached your goal weight and you can move onto the Maintain phase of the diet.

This third phase of the diet is what sets this diet apart from other diets I've tried.

This phase of the diet is how you will need to eat for the rest of your life to ensure your weight stays off. This is a healthy, science based balanced diet. I have seen several reviews complaining about this book and rating it low, siting the fact that you have to exercise and you lose "freedom" to eat what you want. I say these reviews are ridiculous! This diet was written by a medical professional and there is no magic pill. Some people think once you've read the book all of the weight falls off with no other effort.

That is not the case. This book tells you what you NEED to do to get the weight off, keep it off, and restore your health, as well as prevent disease. Yes I criticized others for rating this book unfairly so I feel that it's necessary for me to hold myself to the same standard. I am going to start this diet and do the first two phases. I will then come back in approximately a month and let you know how this diet works, how I felt on the diet, and I will give my final rating for the book.

Obviously if the diet works according to what is written I will keep the 5 star rating. I will try to follow the diet exactly as written. Look for the final review on this book around the second week in May So here's my update after 1 week on Dr. Travis' Stat Plan This week has not been as tough as I thought it would be.

On the stat plan can I divide my one snack up to have a bit in the morning and bit later on? Or does it have to be eaten all at once?

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Stork says in the Stat Plan part of the book p. I am an egyptian lady have 80 kg and I want this guid Dr.

Question I can eat more Anytime vegetables right then 2 or lunch and 2 for dinner? I ask this because if you look at the Anytime vegetables you see a serving size. The book says 2 or more Anytime vegetables for lunch and dinner.

I had previously downloadd the book, given up on it for about a year, gave it away to my local library, and now want to try it again after my library had given it to another branch.

Good luck with your second try! How about Cream of Wheat…. And one more question, please…. Ingredients in the Multigrane version are: Can you have, red green, yellow peppers on this diet? I would like to dip them in hummus as a snack? The serving sizes are small compared to other proteins.

Try plain yogurt with fruit added to it — off-the-shelf fruit flavored yogurts usually contain artificial ingredients and sweeteners. I have the book, tore the any time soup out to make it and lost it. Does Antone have it to post please.

I have been off and on the stat plan for about 6 months now. So therefor I have to repeat meals over and over me and my wife and kids get tired of it so I cook something else and fall of the wagon again.

Is there something that might be recommended to fill the gaps for the seafood. Or would the receipt book that Dr. Stork says that one of the best protein sources is seafood, especially fatty fish — probably why there are so many fish recipes in the book.

The Doctor’s Diet by Dr. Travis Stork (2014): Food list

I am curious about Almond Beverage. Because it is low in calories and very low in protien 1g would 1 cup of pure, unsweetened alomnd beverage be considered a freebie per day? I did notice the fat content is approx 12g. Perhaps it would contribute to your healthy fats for the day?

This seems to be the only part of the diet that I am confused about. I lost 35 lbs. Not only did I lose the weight I needed, but I no longer have and back pain. This is a great book to help plan healthy meals.

You can create your own daily menus instead of following the given menu — there are guidelines in the book outlined on this page. If you do that you can select other proteins instead of dairy e. I lost 30lbs on this diet. I never felt hungry. I kept almonds on hand, they really helped for a snack. I had to modify a little because I have a gluten allergy and soy. I am starting stat diet again to lose another 5lbs.

This has been an amazing book. I will never starve myself again. Thanks for this info on the doctors diet. I use Truvia in my coffee and must have creamier I can not drink black coffee is Truvia on the list of approved foods and if not what can I could possible exchange it for.

I am starting the diet and want to make sure I have everything I need before hand. What is a good choice for a creamier? Thanks so much! Stork says that you should avoid artificial sweeteners of all kinds, as these can reset your brain and cause unnatural sweet cravings.

He asks you to wean yourself off your cravings for sweet foods by avoiding them. Could you use low-fat milk instead of a creamer? The diet wants you to minimize animal fats.

Maybe get a bit inventive and add some virgin coconut cream or nut butter? He has done great. He has lost 15 pounds and 3 inches around his waist. His claim is that he as never felt better. I, on the other hand, have not lost a single pound.

It has been hard work to create all the meals and there has been no pay off for me. I feel like throwing in the towel. Words of encouragement for me? Are you following the letter of the diet, or cutting back on things because you think you should be? Are you eating enough veggies and drinking enough water? Good luck! Next post: Food list. Previous post: From site. This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis.

Travis Stork Food list by Penny Hammond on April 27, Reply Link. Penny Hammond May 15, , 9: Garilynne June 4, , 7: Penny Hammond June 8, , Penny Hammond June 12, , 6: Penny Hammond June 15, , 9: Nancy July 9, , 8: Penny Hammond July 10, , 5: Penny Hammond July 13, , 3: Liette July 20, , 8: We are starting tomorrow, me and my husband!

We are excited!

People Are Going Crazy For The 'Lose Your Belly' Diet

Penny Hammond July 21, , Judy July 24, , 6: I have been on this diet for 4 days and lost 4 pounds but best of all I am never hungry. Irene July 30, , 2: Penny Hammond August 4, , 7: Pmh July 30, , 4: Carla July 31, , 4: Dear Carla, In all the plans Stat, Restore, and Maintain , whole grains are daily flex-time foods — you choose which meal to eat them with. Carmen Gunderson July 31, , Karen Linner August 10, , Penny Hammond August 12, , 3: Karen Linner August 14, , 1: Andrea August 13, , 3: Penny Hammond August 13, , 5: Shirley September 10, , Zahra October 8, , 2: Penny Hammond October 12, , 6: Deb H October 19, , 6: Penny Hammond October 20, , 1: Penny Hammond October 29, , 8: Penny Hammond November 21, , 7: Mylene December 1, , 6: Thank you for giving me a second chance without having to download the book twice!

Penny Hammond December 1, , 6: Cheryl Gorton December 3, , Penny Hammond December 5, , 7: Cheryl Gorton December 7, , 1: Penny Hammond December 10, , 8: CJ January 5, , 5: Penny Hammond January 5, , 6: Yes, you can have peppers of any color.

MAHA January 12, , 4:Penny Hammond June 1, , He has done great.

So here's my update after 1 week on Dr. Look for the final review on this book around the second week in May I unfortunately cannot start this review with "I lost so much weight!

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